Getting Started

*** Welcome, CholecTriplet2021 challenge officially opens on 15 March, 2021 ***

How to Participate in the Ongoing CholecTriplet 2021 Challenge


1.     Participant Registration 

  • Join the challenge via the join button and complete your details.
  • Deadline: Aug 10, 2021.

2.     Request for Data Access

  • To gain access to the CholecT50 dataset, download and complete the form describing the challenge rules. We advise that you read the rules thoroughly as we expect full compliance.
  • Email the completed form to  and  with the subject: CholecTriplet2021 Registration.
  • Deadline: Aug 10, 2021.
  • When access is approved, visit data page to download the dataset.
  • The data page is only available for the registered and approved participants.

    3.     Team Registration

      • Register your team before the challenge submission.
      • Add your teammates to grant them the team's access and privileges.
      • Don't forget to add yourself too! One-man team is allowed.
      • Deadline: Aug 10, 2021.


      4.    Getting started with the data

      • A simple example data loading and visualization code in available for practice in the  [colab code blog].
      • The colab code blog is only available for the registered and approved participants.

      5.     Developing your methods

      • A sample shallow model implementing a full pipeline (data loading, model forward pass, output format) is available in the [colab code blog].

        6.     Self-evaluating your methods

        • We provide the evaluation metrics for this challenge. A sample usage code is available in the [colab code blog].
        • Please be informed that your method will be evaluated in real-time. This means that when predicting the triplets at time t,  your model can have access to past frames t-1, t-2, t-3, . . . , but it can never see the future frames at t+1, t+2, t+3, ...

        7.     Communication and reporting issues


        8.     Method submission

        • Each team will submit a self-containing docker file of their model and weights.
        • The docker should be designed to map to the input test data, run and produce outputs in the requested format.
        • The submission guideline and model output format are well detailed with example code in the [colab code blog].
        • Guide to building a submission docker is available in the [colab code blog].
        • Validation of docker submission (August 10 - 31 , 2021).
        • Final submission (Sept 1 - 15 , 2021).

        9.     Challenge Results

        10.     Report submission

        • Prepare a slide/video presentation of your method  [download template] (TBA).
        • Write a page draft report detailing the authors, overview of methods and experimental details  [download template] (TBA).
        • All submission must be made on or before September 15, 2021 to be counted.
        • Joint publication [TBA].

        If you have any further questions, please check our FAQs page. If your question still remains unanswered,  please contact us.

        Happy Challenge! Let's make life easier...