News and Announcement

30-06-2021:     The docker validation exercise is open! All participants are encouraged to validate their docker image. This will help to ascertain that your docker input and output pipeline works fine with the challenge evaluation protocol. More information on the Colab Code Blog.
30-06-2021:     All participants are requested to register their team using the link. This is important to facilitate a smooth submission process. We would appreciate if this is done on or before 4th July 2021.
21-06-2021:     We are happy to announce to you that NVIDIA will sponsor the CholecTriplet2021 challenge winner with one NVIDIA RTX 3090. Thank you NVIDIA!
20-06-2021:     We announce the release of the docker submission guide and template for the challenge. Please visit the colab code blog for detailed information on this!
18-06-2021:     A call to participate in Biomedical challenge survey is announced here.
31-05-2021:     The T50 slack channel is launched. Click to Join the community!
15-04-2021:     We are proud to announce the NVIDIA support for the CholecTriplet2021 challenge evaluation with GPU compute resources. Thank you NVIDIA!
31-03-2021:     Remember to register your team. Visit the Getting Started page for more details.
15-03-2021:     We are happy to announce that the popular CholecTriplet 2021 challenge is now open for registration.

... stay informed!